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Welcome on sedidrill website

Sedidrill company was created in 1983 by Bernard Tcherniavsky, to answer to a resquest of versatile drilling rig, non-existent product at this time.

Sedidrill, first hour innovator is the initiator of the roto-percussion for geotechnical investigation rigs, dynamic penetrometer loaded on drilling rig, advance casing with head strike, and much more innovations, used since when by all the professionals.

Since its creation, Sedidrill hasn’t stopped to demonstrate its reliability and the quality of its machines.

Nowadays, presents in 34 countries, with more than 3000 sold machines, Sedidrill manufactures and distributes a complete range of sounding and drilling machines as well as  accessorises to equip them.

The purchase of the company MAZIER in 1988, allowed to strengthen its skills in what concerns complex drilling.

Sedidrill moved in 2007, in more spacious and modern office in Eure et Loire, at 1 hour from Paris.

Three complementary companies (SEDIDRILL, SOMAC and PARIQUIP) are installed on a 9000 m² ground dedicated to design, manufacture, storage, maintenance and display of our machines.

Since 2009, 1500 m² have been added to the existing site to practice, form and try the new machines.

Each machine manufactured by Sedidrill is a single one and answers to specific needs of our clients.

The 400 sold machines in China , for seismic mountain drillings, are a perfect example.

Sedidrill can be your partner for the financial and logistic arrangement of your project.